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The Flue Liner is something most people living in homes such as houses, bungalows and flats never think about because it is installed inside the chimney where it is out of sight. Flue Liners tend to be very long because they need to fit snugly inside the chimney flue between your where your appliance ends (gas fire, coal fire, stove) all the way up to the very top of the chimney. Most home owners tend to guess the length of the liner that they need, but it's recommended to always get the correct length. Flue Liners are not cheap, so you don't want to make an expensive mistake! Another thing to look out for is making sure to choose the correct type of liner. For example, gas flue liners are made specificially for natural gas fires. Whereas twin wall is made only for solid fuel gas/oil appliances - such as coal fires.

A Flue Liner Installation

What Does Flue Liner Installation Involve?

Firstly the Flue Liner that was previously fitted needs to be carefully removed before the installation can take place. Then the Flue Liner Installation can happen. This involves carefully placing the liner down the chimney and connecting it to the appliance and then securing it at the top and bottom.

Once thing to note with the Installation is that it's a good idea to have a chimney cowl fitted between the top of the flue liner and the top of the chimney after the Installation is completed. There a number of chimney cowls available, such as bird guards, spark arrestors and aspirators.

How Long Is The Flue Liner For A Typical Installation?

The typical installation of a flue liner is a huge job and the length of the liner can typically be up to forty meters or even longer! However, don't forget to make sure that you get the correct length of flue liner. It's always good advice to check the terms and conditions before you purchase the flue liner - just in case you need to return it if you find that it's damaged, or even too short. Now, before the Flue Liner Installation can take place, make sure you have appointed a Hetas approved flue liner fitter to do the job for you. They will have all the tools, equipment, training and experience to ensure a perfect flue liner installation for your home!

Where Exactly Can I Buy Flue Liner For Installation?

Before you buy the Flue Liner that you need for installation should be Hetas approved - which means that the liner is both tested, safe and certified to government standards. After all you don't want to get any old low quality Flue Liner that could go badly wrong after the installation has taken place! We can recommend a number of Flue Liner shops for you, just contact us to get our recommended updated list. However if you choose to buy Flue Liner elsewhere just make sure it comes with a guarantee.

What Type Of Flue Liner Do I Need?

The Flue Liner that you need will depend on what type of appliance you have. For example, if you have a wood burning stove then it's widely recommended that you choose to get a regular flexible flue liner. However, if you have a gas fire then like most people you may opt for a gas flue liner. Also you'll need to make sure that you choose the correct width too. Like most home owners though, it's quicker, easier and less hassle to leave all the entire flue liner installation including the type, length and sizes to an experienced, trusted and reliable HETAS approved flue liner fitter.

How Much Does Flue Liner Installation Cost?

The cost of the flue liner installation will depend on a number of things, including the liner length, type of liner and width of liner. There also other things to consider too, such as any recommended extras like a chimney cowl. In addition there is the cost of the fitter to take into consideration as well as how long the the installation may take. The best thing to do is to contact a some local fitters and just compare prices. Still once you've got your Flue Liner fitted you can look forward to enjoying a comfy, warm and safe home.

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