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For Flue Liners, we provide you with only the best quality HETAS APPROVED liners, all backed-up by trusted technical support and second to none customer service all ready to go at the best prices. As a family business, we've been in the flues industry for years and we know just what it's like when your a fitter and you've got a chimney to sort out. The last thing you need is liner problems! When we used to fit flue liners, we had all sort of problems. From deliveries that arrived late, to unreliable technical support and flue accessories that were the wrong size - we've been through it all!

That's why we do things better! We've got a top notch sales team ready to get your order processed (and to make sure everything's 100%). Plus we've got our highly trained technical flues support team who know everything there is to know about flue liner. On top of this, our despatch and delivery teams work hard to make sure every order is 100% right -before- it's shipped. On top of this, we always deliver -on time-, every time. You'd be hard pressed to find better service anywhere else! Plus our liner prices are amongst the lowest in the industry. That's because at Flues2You, we've got your back!

Flue Liner For Sale

What Is Flues2You?

Flues2You is a nationwide flue liner manufacturer and retailer that's family owned and operated based in Lancashire. Every day we provide top notch Flue Liner to customers across the UK. All backed-up by our customer service team who know everything about flue liners so you can count on them to help!

We are one of the largest Flue Liner businesses in the UK - but unlike some others, we put 200% focus on sales, service, technical support and timely delivery too. If you're after a quick price - from a chimney plate - right up to a 30 meters flue liner we are here, and we care and we are big enough to deliver! So whatever length of flues - or even if you need to know which flues will work best for your project - we're here to help!

What Flue Liners Do You Sell?

Our Flue Liners are manufactured here in Great Britain, using British materials helping to maintain and support British jobs. We sell all the popular sizes of Flue Liner from 4 inch to 12 inch and all our flue liner are available in many lengths - from 1 metre to 30 meters (and even longer flues if needed!). Each and every liner is made to HETAS rigorous standards and has a warranty for up to 30 years.

Plus our flues prices are amongst the lowest in the trade, after all why pay more for your flue liner elsewhere? Plus with guaranteed next day delivery available (including pre 10, pre 12, etc) whats not to love? So when you need flue liner then come direct to Flues 2 You.

Can You Deliver Flue Liner Across The UK?

As one of the largest Flue Liner manufacturers and retailers in Great Britian, we are here to serve and deliver! Every day we deliver flue liner right across the UK - on time, every time. Our internal flues delivery team work tirelessly to ensure your order gets to you on time! Whether it's a locking band, or a huge custom length flue liner reel - you and your flues are still important to you and us! We're able to provide timed delivery too - we can even deliver flues as early as 6AM direct to site - so whatever you're order, wherever you are in the UK - we're your first choice for UK flue liners!

What Flue Liner Do I Need?

We sell single skin flexible flue liners (ideal for gas appliances) and we also sell two skin flexible flue liners that are perfect for wood and multi-fuel appliances.

Just to clarify there 316 grade liner and 904 grade flue liners available. The 316 grade liner are generally regarded as useful for burning seasoned wood. Whilst the 904 grade liner are widely regarded as being good for burning coal.

All our of flexible flue liners are available for next day delivery and are all in-stock and ready to go today. Also, you can even click and collect too - because unlike others, we make it easy. All this, plus our flues technical support team who know everything about liners and our prices - makes Flues 2 You your first stop for your next flue liner order.

Order Flue Liner Online Now

Come and order your Flue Liner now from Flues 2 You, even if you're only thinking about getting flue liner - just get in touch as our specialist flues teams are here to help and we can get you the best price. We deliver nationwide and we provide top rated flues support, service and delivery - plus with warranties up to 30 years - you just can't get better flues elsewhere! So call or click now and we'll help you get the Flue Liner that you need.

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