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About Flues2You

Flues2You is a highly successful Online Flue Liner Reseller that`s proud to be British! - we`re busy selling all the main big brands at the best prices around. When it comes to finding a flue liners, cowls, terminals, insulation and more online - you want it to be so quick and easy, so simple and no hassle ... so that`s why our web site is designed to make life easier - our site is so easy to use! Let`s face it, ever wondered why other stove web sites are hard to use, overly complex and come with mountains of complicated `advanced filters` -- well not us -- our site is quick and simple to use, child`s play! So, have a look across our range, and if there`s anything you need help with - we`re just a click away ! Did we mention we`ve even made this website work wonderfully well on a mobile phone too - so handy when you`re on the go! Have a great day ! From all of us here at Flues2You.

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